If you’ve ever experienced One Vision Fitness, we think you’ve had a at least a small taste of who we are. A small team of individuals who are fully committed to making an impact on this world. Through health and fitness, we have a mission to help people change their lives in any way possible. We are obsessed with nutrition, health knowledge, results, as well as a drive to give our customers the best service and experience possible. Read on if you’d like to learn more about us and if you think we’d mesh well.


We are committed to the success of our clients, because without their success we serve no purpose. We are committed to our team because they are the product and why our clients love OVF. We are committed to ourselves and to our core values; because they mold us and we believe it defines what will make us and our clients successful.


We hold ourselves and our clients to a higher standard. We have the integrity to always do the right thing, especially when no one is watching. Always being respectful to each other, to our clients and having strong moral principles that carry beyond just our business. Always do whatever it takes.


We have a strong desire for growth and improvement. We are always learning and striving to better ourselves, our services and our company. It is important to our clients that we take the time to learn things on our own so that we can constantly improve on their experience. We work to get better and push ourselves for personal progress and ensure that we are never a weak link within the company or the journey of our clients.

Be Compassionate and Humble

We like to think “family first”. We are always aware and have a genuine concern for others and their well-being. Understanding that there is always room for growth and having relentless ambition to reach one’s full potential. We know we’re good at what we do, but we give all the credit to our clients and the effort they put into improving themselves. We give credit where its due and take ownership when things go poorly.

Be a Leader

To be called a leader is a great honor. Leadership is a very hard skill to acquire and its hard work to maintain and demonstrate those skills. We all strive to be leaders by doing our very best at everything. We strive to set the bar for how any and all duties should be accomplished. We strive to do more for our clients when everyone else is doing less. We are the best and will always go above and beyond.


The truth always wins. So plain and simple, be honest. Always.