Our fitness coaches are in your corner every step of the way. You and your coach work together towards your “one vision”, your happiness in health and wellness.

Leading by Example

We have an unbreakable belief to lead by example. Every one of our coaches understands how physically and mentally demanding this journey is. With families of our own, we know how important our health is for our loved ones around us, so we maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.

Up close and Personal…

Your journey is our journey. It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be worth it. Shoot us a text, a call, or even an email when you need us. Even if you’re not a part of our family yet (which you will be soon), give us a ring so we can get to know you and help you with your goals.

Xavier Sanchez


Xavier (X) is the founder of OVF, one of the fastest growing fitness coaching programs in the US. Having spent almost a decade working with fitness franchises, X knew there was a better way to truly help people get healthier. Giving people a template to follow for 6-12 weeks wasn’t the solution to fat loss and getting healthier. As your coach, X will push you towards success through education, motivation and support. Having played sports his entire life, earning degrees in health sciences, and maintaining a healthy diet for the better part of two decades; Xavier truly understands what it takes to achieve your fitness goals… and with a wife and three kids, he truly understands the importance of being healthy and setting a good example for your loved ones.